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    Bred from hunting dogs in Yorkshire, England, the Yorkshire Terrier is named for this region. The breed appeared in the mid--19th century and is small, bright-eyed and soft-haired. This handful of puppy contains a double handful of spirit.


    The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America suggests buying your pet Yorkie at age 12 weeks or older. For a show dog, a puppy should not be selected until age 6 to 8 months, when the dog matures to exhibit show qualities.


    An adult Yorkshire weighs 3 to 7 lb. Your 12-week puppy is about half its adult weight. A puppy at 12 weeks weighing 3 lb. will typically weigh 6 lb. when grown.


    Choose your puppy by personality, not color. A Yorkie is born black and tan. As the dog grows, the color changes to tan with blue saddle markings or other shades.


    Drawing on its terrier heritage, the Yorkie is energetic, inquisitive and courageous. Properly socialized, the dog is an excellent traveler and adapts to any home.


    The Yorkshire coat is long and needs regular grooming. This dog, like any other small breed, is easily injured. In addition, this breed requires a commitment, as your puppy needs human interaction for its 12- to 14-year life.

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