10 Facts About Silky Terriers

Silky terriers need to be brushed on a weekly basis due to their long flowing hair becoming easily tangled.
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Silky terriers are high-energy dogs with silky hair. They prefer to stay busy playing with toys, following their pet parent around the house and yard, staying alert as a watch dog and running around getting plenty of exercise. They adapt well to any living condition and cope well in apartments. Silky terriers stand up to 10 inches tall at full maturity and weigh up to 10 pounds.

Known by Alias Names

Silky terriers are also known as Sydney silky terriers. In 1955 the breed was officially named the Australian silky terrier. In the same year, in the United States, the breed was named silky terrier; the names have remained the same ever since. Silky terriers ancestry includes Yorkshire terrier and Australian terrier; due to a similar appearance to the two breeds, they are often mistaken as such.

Participates in Athletic Events

Silky terriers have earned titles and recognition ribbons for their impressive abilities while participating in special events. Due to their high energy and desire to stay occupied, silky terriers perform well in herding, agility, rally, tracking and fly ball, and many are successful show dogs.

Human-Like Hair

Shiny, silky hair that is similar to human hair is a trait that draws many to this breed. While daily brushing for up to 3 to 5 minutes is required to keep the coat free of tangles and debris, silky terriers do not shed like most other dog breeds. Shedding is minimal and at a pace similar to the way humans shed their own hair.

Indoor Living Preference

Due to their desire to be social and follow their pet parent around constantly, silky terriers are best suited as indoor pets. They enjoy going for walks and playing outdoors for short periods of time, but their preference is to be indoors with their pet parent and family.

Highly Intelligent and Trainable

Puppies as young as 8 weeks can begin obedience training. Silky terriers are highly intelligent and are capable of learning commands, tricks and specialty training throughout their lifetime.

Full of Energy

Curious and playful, silky terriers are full of energy on a daily basis. Taking walks, playing fetch and engaging in other games that allow them to run around frequently is best suited for this energetic breed.

Napoleon Complex

Nine inches tall, and 10 pounds at full maturity, the silky terrier is a keen watch dog. His energetic, assertive and spirited personality allows him to constantly be on alert of his surroundings, frequently barking to alert his pet parent of any disturbance.

Playful and Happy

Overall happy and joyful attitudes on a daily basis, silky terriers also love to play. Toys, fetch, games and quality time with their pet parent and family is highly beneficial to this spirited breed.

Vermin Hunter

Silky terriers were originally bred to kill small rodents. They have a natural instinct and are always watchful for scurrying prey. Silky terriers' high energy levels allow them to outrun the vermin, act quick, strike and kill rodents.

Affectionate and Devoted

A true and loyal companion, silky terriers are caring and affectionate to their pet parent. They tend to favor and devote themselves to one family member.