Is the ACA for Purebred Puppies?

Multiple registries, including the ACA, exist for registering your purebred puppy.
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The ACA is the American Canine Association, and its purpose is the registration of purebred dogs. It also claims to be the largest health tracking registry in the United States. This is a point in its favor, but other, better possibilities exist. Puppies registered with the American Kennel Club can be dual registered with the ACA.

The American Canine Association

The ACA is a registry for purebred dogs. It offers varied means of supporting its members. Ask-A-Vet and Ask-A-Trainer options are available to aid customers. The health tracking registry allows owners to submit verification from veterinarians on certain health problems, but it's very limited. For example, certification on being free of eye problems only specifies that the dog is free of entropion, a conformational problem where the eyelid rolls inward. Many more ocular problems exist in our dogs that may be congenital.

Other Options

Registries like the American Kennel Club provide owners and breeders with more concise breed standards. Many breeds affiliated with the ACA have no breed standard information available through the ACA, while detailed information is present with the AKC. To breed healthier pets, alternative health databases are available. The Canine Health Information Center is a database to monitor and promote responsible breeding, including a DNA bank. Other groups including the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals share information with CHIC and the AKC, making them options for breeders and owners.