Adding Oil to Puppy Food

Olive oil can help your puppy live a long, healthy life.
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As a responsible pet owner, you may find relief knowing that simple problems may be fixed with simple methods. One of those methods is adding oil to your puppy's food. Oil can help your puppy's body inside and out, but must be used properly to prevent digestive upset.


A natural remedy, olive oil is a simple addition to your puppy's diet that has lifelong benefits. Not only does oil help relieve constipation, but it can also be good for the skin. Olive oil and fish oil have omega fatty acids that improve your dog's health. Olive oil can even help reduce the weight of obese puppies. It can also help prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and help your puppy live a longer life by preventing free radicals.


Olive oil and fish oil are two commonly used types of oil that will benefit your puppy's health. Fish oil is available in capsules that can be split. Fish oil is a more expensive option than olive oil and may be harder to find. Liquid fish oil can be found in pet supply stores, which is much handier if you have a large breed dog. Olive oil is rather inexpensive, but you want to make sure to use 100-percent olive oil rather than a mixed oil. You also want to avoid flavored oils. Coconut oil can also be used in puppy food, but can be harder to find.


When choosing fish oil, feed your healthy puppy 100 to 150 mg per 10 pounds. If the puppy is having health issues, up to 300 mg can be mixed with the dog's food. Olive oil can be fed to your puppy ¼ to ½ teaspoon at a time. A dog should never be fed more than ½ teaspoon of olive oil at once, but you can add the specified amount to your puppy's food up to twice per day.


Too much of any oil can cause diarrhea. Also, always mix the oil into your dog's food. You should also be cautious with fish oil. Some dogs cannot handle fish oil and develop nausea and vomiting. Both fish oil and olive oil should be stored in a dark, cool area to prevent the oil from going rancid.