How to Adopt a Pet From Mikey's Chance

Adopt from Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue
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Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue of Washington State is a recognized, nonprofit dog rescue operation. Mikey's Chance takes in homeless dogs and those on "death row" in kill shelters. The organization gives dogs medical care, fits them with microchips, and places them in loving homes. If you're looking to adopt a new dog, Mikey's Chance is a wonderful, humane choice. The adoption process with this organization is simple and fun.

Visit the Mikey's Chance website (see Resources). Read a little about the organization and follow the link to the list of pups available for adoption.

Browse the Mikey's Chance list of adoptable pets. Read the description of each dog appealing to you. Think about your lifestyle and whether you can more easily accommodate a big or small dog, an energetic dog with lots of personality, or a more quiet, cuddly one. Also consider whether you have the resources and patience to care for a dog possibly recovering from a traumatic experience. Mikey's Chance helpfully includes details about each dog's breed, personal history and personality -- keep these things in mind.

Contact Mikey's Choice via email and state your interest in adopting a dog. Describe which dog from the list of pets is your first choice, as well as some other dogs you might be interested in if your chosen dog already has been adopted by someone else. Write about why you want a dog (or another dog) and why your home would be a good fit for the dog you'd like to adopt.

Follow any instructions you receive in your reply from Mikey's Choice. If additional information is required for adoption, fill out the supplied forms and answer questions thoroughly. When Mikey's Choice has matched you with a dog, discuss with a representative how it will get from its foster home to your home and what kind of financial transaction needs to take place.