Will Advantix Kill Existing Ticks?

Ticks wait for Scruffy to brush against grass and bushes.
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After your daily walk, as you rub your fingers through Scruffy's fur, you may detect an odd, soft lump attached to his skin. Examining more closely, you find a fat little tick stuck tightly to his body. A pair of tweezers and a quick flush down the nearest toilet handles the tick. But what about future ticks?

Preventing Tick Infestations

Seven of the tick species living in North America are transmitters of a variety of diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. While ticks eagerly wait to hitch a ride home on Scruffy, you can prevent tick infestations by applying a permethrin product, such as K9 Advantix II, to Scruffy's back. Permethrin repels 98.5 percent of ticks. In addition, once a tick comes in contact with permethrin, it will die within 48 hours. Simply select the tube that corresponds with Scruffy's weight and apply the tube's contents in two to six spots along his upper back, starting between his shoulder blades. Fleas will stop biting within five minutes and most of the fleas and ticks will die within 12 hours. Don't use K9 Advantix II on puppies under 7 weeks of age, pregnant or nursing dogs, or cats.