At What Age Do English Bulldogs Reach Their Full Growth?

It takes a bit over a year to go from baby to adult.
WilleeCole/iStock/Getty Images

There's so much to look forward to in your English bulldog's first year: chewing, teething, house training, chewing, socializing, obedience training, chewing. In some ways, it seems his puppy behavior will last forever, and you'll never be finished training your pup. Be patient: It takes about 12 to 15 months for an English bulldog to reach his full growth.

A Year and a Bit to Grow

As WebMD notes, the smaller the dog, the quicker he'll reach maturity. A toy breed will reach adulthood much faster than a giant breed dog. Oddly enough, after reaching adulthood, larger breeds age quicker, having a shorter lifespan than small breed dogs. For the English bulldog, this means he'll take a while longer to reach his full 40 to 50 pounds, somewhere between a year and 15 months. His life expectancy is relatively short compared to dogs of a similar size, around 8 to 10 years. Kind, consistent training will get you through his puppy months, which may last as long as 18 months, even after he's fully grown. A healthy diet that he doesn't overindulge in will help keep him trim and healthy for a longer life. He has a few special considerations to keep in mind: He can't swim, he overheats easily and his facial folds need cleaned.