The Age That a Puppy's Growth Plates Close

By the time he celebrates his first birthday, his growth plates should be closed.
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By the time your dog is a year old, he's no longer a puppy. By that age, dogs have reached sexual maturity and they're finished growing. In most canines, the growth plates are closed by the age of 1. However, larger breeds take more time to mature, and their growth plates might not close until the age of 18 months or more.

Growth Plates

Growth plates, located near the end of your puppy's leg bones, allow your pet's bones to grow. When he matures, these growth plates close and can no longer be seen on X-rays. Because the growth plate material is softer than bone, it's vulnerable to injury. That's why it's important not to stress young dogs with strenuous exercise. Once his growth plates close, he's ready for serious athletic activity.