What Is an AKC Registered Kennel Name?

Registering your kennel with the AKC secures its place in history.
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Originating in 1884, the American Kennel Club provides one of the world's largest registries of purebred dogs and kennels. The AKC not only provides to its members the opportunity to showcase beloved registrants, but also provides information on care, training, health and behavior. Registering your kennel can establish your organization as a reputable breeder and secure a place for your kennel in AKC history.

What's In a Name

The AKC establishes guidelines for the registration of your kennel; all kennel names are subject to approval. Your kennel name is how your facility is recognized by the AKC organization. Kennel names are limited to two words and 15 characters; restrictions include but are not limited to the use of derogatory terms, names of breeds, cities or famous individuals. While the AKC imposes strict rules for each registered kennel and purebred, you're free to call your dog Sir Fluffy Feet of Chicago or "get out of the trash, buddy," in the course of everyday life.