What Are the AKC-Recognized Colors for Mini Schnauzers?

White miniature schnauzers do not conform to AKC breed specifications.
Magone/iStock/Getty Images

Guardians of miniature schnauzers love their pups no matter what color their coats, but the American Kennel Club only recognizes three shades as the breed standard. Unlike the World Canine Organization, which includes white coats in its breed specifications, the AKC will only accept salt and pepper, solid black and black and silver coats.

White Miniature Schnauzer or Poodle?

The white miniature schnauzer is not accepted by the AKC. Its counterpart in Canada also does not accept white. According to the Miniature Schnauzer Club of Canada, it is unclear whether white is the result of later modifications or was part of the schnauzer's original genetic makeup. To make the standard schnauzer smaller, they were bred with affenpinschers and other small breeds, resulting in new colors.

Black is Not Just Black

Within the general color specifications accepted by the AKC there are detailed rules around the coat pattern and even the particular shade of color. As it turns out, according to the AKC, black is not merely black. Although solid black is an acceptable color, the topcoat black is ideally a "true glossy rich" black, while the undercoat should be a soft matte shade.