Do Akitas Have Blue Eyes?

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If someone tells you their blue-eyed dog is an Akita, it's almost certainly a mixed breed. The Akita breed standard allows only brown eyes in the dog -- dark brown eyes, at that. Akita eyes should be deep-set and triangle-shaped, with black rims, according to the standard. If you come across a so-called blue-eyed Akita, it's not hard to guess where those light orbs originated.

Siberian Huskies and Akitas

Siberian huskies and Akitas bear some resemblance to each other. Both are about the same size, with large heads and upright ears. They're both double-coated, with a wide variety of colors permitted in the American Kennel Club standard. The Siberian husky breed standard allows eye colors of blue, brown or one blue and one brown. It's likely that blue-eyed "Akita" is really a husky mix.


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