Amoxicilin for Dogs

Amoxicillin is a form of penicillin.
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If your dog's ever been diagnosed with a bacterial infection, odds are your veterinarian prescribed amoxicillin, at least initially. One of the most common antibiotics used in veterinary medicine, amoxicillin is available in tablet and liquid forms. Unlike some antibiotics, you can give your dog this drug whether or not he's eaten recently.

Amoxicillin Treatment

Because amoxicillin tackles gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and, usually is well-tolerated by dogs, your dog might have taken it for different infections over the years. If your dog's ever suffered from urinary tract, upper respiratory, soft tissue, gastrointestinal or skin infections, your vet might have prescribed amoxicillin. His body absorbs it quickly after administration. Usually, the drug is prescribed on a twice-daily dosage for a week to 10 days.