What Does an Animal Wear to Keep From Licking Wounds?

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Preventing your pet from licking her wounds following injury or surgery can be challenging, especially if she is experiencing pain or itchiness. You don’t want her to loosen or pull out her stitches, and you want to keep her from opening an incision or risking infection of the wound area.

Plastic Cone

An Elizabethan collar, a plastic cone that fits around your pet's neck, will help block his mouth and tongue from the wound he is determined to lick. This clear, plastic barrier fastens to the collar to prevent him from removing it and, while it may cause distress or frustration at first, most pets eventually -- reluctantly -- accept the cone.

Pain Management

An animal instinctively wants to lick an area that is causing pain or discomfort. Talk to your vet about ways you can help reduce pain and address itching as your dog heals.



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