Anxiety Vests for Dogs

An anxiety vest might possibly help with your dog's fear issues.
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Plenty of dogs suffer from anxiety when faced with loud noises, such as thunder or fireworks, while others have more general anxiety issues related to past trauma or other causes. An anxiety vest is one possible solution to the problem, but it may not work for every dog.

Anxiety Vests

Anxiety vests are wraps that cover a dog's chest and abdomen, fitting snugly -- squeezing, even. The idea is similar to that of swaddling a baby: the constant all-over light pressure will be reassuring to your dog, preventing him from being as fearful. Sizing is important, because an appropriately snug fit is required to produce the calming effect.


Anxiety vests don't always work -- though they may have money-back guaranteed under certain conditions. Anxiety vest manufacturer ThunderWorks claims its ThunderShirt product boasts an 80 percent success rate, but no controlled studies of the technique for anxiety relief in dogs have been published, if conducted. If your dog has not responded to other anxiety treatments and you want to give the anxiety vest a shot, look for a retailer that will allow you to return the device if it does not work for you.