About the Appenzeller Sennenhund

Space is key to a happy Appenzeller Sennenhunde.
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Appenzeller Sennenhundes are an uncommon canine breed from Switzerland. These nimble working dogs have an extensive history on farms in their homeland. Some of their big tasks included protecting and herding. They are notable for their stamina and rapid movement. Appenzeller Sennenhundes are known by a handful of other monikers, such as Appenzell mountain dog and Appenzell cattle dog.

Physical Appearance

As mid-sized pooches, Appenzeller Sennenhundes often achieve heights of 19.5 to 22 inches, when measured from their shoulder areas. The males usually are a little taller than the females. Appenzeller Sennenhundes have double coats, with straight, shiny and short fur. Their lower coats are extremely dense. The overall coloration of their bodies is either brown or black, although they have large sections of reddish brown and white fur, as well.


When it comes to family, Appenzeller Sennenhundes are extremely staunch and affectionate pets. They revel in attention from the people close to them, and often connect intensely with specific individuals. New people make them feel unsettled and anxious, however, and they generally aren't too friendly with them. Once they're acquainted with people, however, they usually are jovial and sweet as can be. If trained from tender and impressionable ages, Appenzeller Sennenhundes typically are splendid alongside not only kids, but other domestic animals. They are fast learners, and are happiest when they are assigned a job of some sort.

Plenty of Physical Fitness

Physical fitness, and a lot of it, is essential for Appenzeller Sennenhundes. These canines thrive when they have plenty of wide open spaces for running around and letting off energy. Life in a small, confined environment, such as an apartment or condominium, is not good for them. For exercise, they do well with regular and extended jogs, vigorous "fetch" sessions and the like. Rural lifestyles are optimal for these doggies.

Lots of Barking

Barking is a common activity of Appenzeller Sennenhundes. Because of their penchant to vocalize in this manner, they might not be suitable for those with thin walls and neighbors merely feet away.

Grooming Needs

Although Appenzeller Sennenhundes undeniably have extensive exercise needs, their coat demands are decidedly minimal in comparison. Routine brushing is important, but mostly to extract pesky floating hairs. Rubber brushes are handy for this straightforward task.