Apple Cider Treatment for Dogs With Mites on the Skin

Vinegar in your pup's food may protect him from mite infestation.
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Mites signal mange, and whether it is the more common demodectic mange or the rarer sarcoptic mange, you want to rid your pooch of the infection. Untreated mange affects your pup's immune system and is life threatening. Always consult a veterinarian first for a diagnosis and appropriate treatment for mange because of its potential seriousness. However, apple cider vinegar home remedies may help to prevent mange and supplement orthodox treatments.

Mange Prevention

Add apple cider vinegar to your pup's food or water. Start with a low dose of 1 teaspoon daily. If your dog doesn't show any signs of intestinal irritation from the addition of the vinegar to his diet, you could increase it to 1 tablespoon daily. Stop adding the vinegar if he shows sign of digestive upset. Alternatively, add a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to your pup's bath. Some owners add apple cider vinegar to a water-filled atomizer and spray the coat lightly to help prevent fleas.