Arthritic Beds for Dogs

Elevated dog beds can assist by removing pressure around the joints caused from lying on the floor.
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With old age may come achy joints and muscles. Dogs are no exception and as they reach their senior years, providing them with a high quality of life is important to keep them healthy and comfortable. Dog beds designed with your arthritic buddy in mind may help to ease some of Max's aches and pains.

Firm Support

Although soft and cozy dog beds may look as though they would be luxurious and comfortable for your buddy, they might cause more pain than comfort. A dog bed with a firm surface will provide support for achy joints and tired bones. Getting up can be difficult when there isn't a lot of support. The added firmness will give your senior dog a more stable surface, which can make a big difference, especially if your dog is a senior dog, as senior years bring a lack of balance.

Foam Beds

Egg crate foam with a sheet over it can make a simple and inexpensive dog bed that is great for dogs suffering from arthritis and achy joints. Egg crate foam has the ability to remove uncomfortable pressure. Placing egg crate foam on top of a firm mattress for dogs and then wrapping them both in a fitted sheet can provide two layers of comfort -- the firmness necessary to support senior dogs with pressure-point sparing foam on top.

Heated Dog Beds

Some dogs may benefit from heat to relieve aches and pains associated with arthritis. Heat can work to soothe inflammation and help relax your dog. There are many heated dog beds on the market, but it's important to choose one with a safety feature to avoid burns. Heated dog beds should turn off automatically. For safety precautions, you should be present when the heat feature is activated on your dog's bed.


When selecting any bed for your buddy to snooze on, get a bed that is large enough for him to sprawl out on. If the bed is too small, causing him to feel uncomfortable, it defeats the purpose of being therapeutic for his arthritic body. Your dog will appreciate the extra space and he will enjoy better rest when the bed fits his body.

Elevated Beds

Elevated beds that are a few inches off the floor's surface can remove pressure points that the floor may place on your dog's body. An elevated dog bed should not be too far off the ground -- senior dogs or dogs with joint issues should be able to easily step on and off the bed. If your dog has balance problems, elevated beds may not be the best choice. Instead, a firm mattress or foam mattress may be better.