How to Assemble Dog Tags

Poodle mix wearing a tag
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Your dog's tags provide vital information for everyone he meets. Not only do his tags allow him to be returned to you if he gets lost, his tags also show that he has been properly vaccinated and licensed. If he has any title tags, such as a Canine Good Citizen tag, he might carry those with his ID, rabies and license tags. One of your prime responsibilities as a dog owner involves making sure your dog can be identified safely and returned to you via his tags.

Step 1

Determine how many tags you have or need. Every dog needs to wear an ID tag. This might be a tag with your phone number on it, or a microchip or tattoo tag. If mandated by law, your dog needs to wear a city, county or state license tag. If your dog's license tag has her rabies information on it, she doesn't need to wear a separate tag. If her license doesn't have this information, add her rabies tag to the mix. Add any other tags, such as a breeder number, title tags or health certification tags to the mix.

Step 2

Pick one of the eyelet rings. Put the tag you want in the front on first. Feed the tags on and swing them behind the first tag you put on.

Step 3

Feed the other ring through all the tags. Two rings provide extra security.

Step 4

Tear off a three-inch strip of masking tape. Wrap the edges of all your tags. This keeps them from rattling and making noise. It also keeps them cleaner. Make sure the ID tag is the first tag in the stack.

Step 5

Feed first one ring onto your dog's collar, then the second.

Items You Will Need

  • 2 Eyelet Rings
  • Masking Tape
  • ID Tag
  • Rabies Tag
  • License Tag
  • Any Other Tags