Are Australian Shepherds Good Apartment Dogs?

Aussies are so smart, they sometimes seem human.
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Dog lovers who live in apartments need not be deprived of owning their own canine pal; many dogs are adaptable to life in a confined space. But the Australian shepherd is not one of them. This breed, also called an "Aussie," is an energetic, herding dog that is more suited to life on a farm or ranch.

Smart and Energetic

Aussies need constant activity and mental stimulation. They were bred to herd cattle, which requires brains and stamina. Besides their need for about two hours of daily spirited activity, they are one of the smartest dog breeds. If an Aussie is left in an apartment all day with nothing to do, he will find something to do, which will likely be destructive. Australian shepherds, like all herding dogs, are natural barkers, and having a barking dog will not endear you to your neighboring apartment dwellers.

Apartment Dogs

Good apartment dogs are laid-back, couch potato types. Size is one factor. Aussies that are between 35 and 65 pounds are either medium- or large-sized dogs. Most dogs suitable for apartment life are small breeds that weigh fewer than 25 pounds, such as the French bulldog, pug, and miniature or toy poodle. But that is not always the case. A mastiff, because of his gentle giant personality, can do well in an apartment if you give him daily walks. Greyhounds also make good apartment dogs.