The Average Height of a German Shorthaired Pointer

He's demonstrating that a German shorthaired pointer fits comfortably on a chair.
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If you're looking for an active, energetic medium-size canine, the German shorthaired pointer could fill the bill. He makes a fine pet for a family with older children, as his size and energy level can overwhelm small kids. He's truly in his element in the hunting field, as he's an all-purpose sporting dog. Although "pointer" is part of the name, the breed also excels at retrieving and hunting game, both large and small.

Breed Standard

The American Kennel Club breed standard for the German shorthaired pointer specifies that males should stand between 23 to 25 inches high at the top of the shoulder at maturity, or an average of 24 inches. Females should stand between 21 to 23 inches, or an average of 22 inches. For show purposes, dogs even slightly taller or shorter than the standard are "severely penalized." The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America notes that gender determines appearance in the breed, so that males appear obviously masculine and females feminine.