Bark Inhibitors For Dogs

Incessant barking can be a nuisance to you and your neighbors.
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Is your dog an incessant barker, causing you headaches and friction with your neighbors? Obedience training can be a long-term solution to train your dog not to bark, but the key is finding what he's barking at. A quick-fix is a basic bark inhibiting collar; you can choose from a shock collar, citronella collar or an ultrasonic collar.

Shock Bark Collar

Shock collars deliver an electric shock to your dog whenever he barks. The collar detects your dog's bark by using a microphone or a vibration sensor. Some collars have intensity levels that you can choose for dogs with stronger wills and harder heads, but others are just a mild shock. The shock will deter your dog from barking. Most dogs will respond to a shock collar on the first day. They are quite effective at inhibiting barking.

Citronella Collar

Citronella collars are similar to shock collars but instead of a shock, the collar delivers a citronella spray. Citronella is harmless and can be used as a deterrent. Most citronella collars have a microphone that picks up your dog barking and delivers the citronella spray to your dog's face. This bark inhibitor is much more mild than using a shock collar, which makes them much more effective for timid, shy dogs.

Ultrasonic Bark Collar

Ultrasonic bark collars use a microphone to sense your dog barking, and when your dog barks, the collar gives off a high-pitched tone that can be heard by animals by not humans. The ultrasonic tone is unpleasant and deters barking. This type of bark inhibitor isn't as effective as shock collars or even citronella bark collars.