Bearded Collie Grooming Tools

Your bearded collie's coat requires consistent grooming.
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The bearded collie has a shaggy, tousled appearance. His surface coat has a coarse, thick texture, while his undercoat feels like a plush, soft carpet. To keep your beardie properly groomed, you'll need specific grooming tools and dedication to a regular grooming regimen. Your nicely maintained beardie will be more comfortable, and you'll spend less time untangling troublesome mats.

Boar-Bristle Brush

Brushing your beardie regularly helps you to catch minor tangles before they become major mats. If you're planning to give your beardie a bath, a thorough pre-bath brushing is important, as wet canine mats become almost impossible to remove without causing your dog considerable discomfort. Use a sturdy boar-bristle brush to penetrate your beardie's double coat and remove loose surface fur and undercoat clumps.

Nylon Pin Brush

After your beardie's bath, fluff his fur dry with a hand-held dryer on low settings. Fluff both his surface coat and undercoat. While you're blowing him dry, give him another good brushing with a nylon pin brush. Nylon pin brushes are perfect for long-haired breeds.

Wide-Tooth Comb

Finish off your beardie's grooming session by carefully running a comb through his fur. A comb with widely spaced teeth will accommodate both his surface coat and his undercoat. Working slowly and methodically enables you to remove any loose fur without yanking on your pooch's coat. Because you've given your beardie a thorough brushing, your final comb-out will likely proceed smoothly.

Nail-Clipping Supplies

Maintain your beardie's nails with a set of sturdy nail clippers sized for medium to large dogs. Get your vet to show you how to use them. Add a small can of styptic or other clotting powder to stop occasional minor bleeding incidents. Your vet's office or local pet supply store will have these common dog grooming tools. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the clippers and clotting powder so you can clip your beardie's nails with confidence.