What Are the Behaviors of the Maltipoo Puppies?

The Maltipoo commonly has a white or cream-colored coat.
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Maltipoo puppies - a sweet blend of the Maltese and poodle breeds - are undeniably adorable, with their round faces, small stature and big, brown eyes. However, before you rush out to purchase or adopt one of these "designer" dogs, you should consider their possible behaviors and temperaments. Because they are a cross of two breeds, classic Maltese and poodle temperaments likely will show through in your pup. Remember, though, that every dog has his or her own unique personality and your Maltipoo's environment also will help shape his behavior.

Maltese Behavior

Puppies in general are expected to be lively and playful, and the Maltese counterpart of the Maltipoo definitely displays these behaviors. Active and energetic, a Maltese puppy will enjoy a game of fetch and lots of playtime. He will show you more love than you ever expected, but often this breed does not quickly warm up to strangers. The Maltese is highly intelligent and curious, so don't underestimate what this small breed may get into!

Poodle Character Traits

The toy poodle, a miniature version of the poodle, is most commonly bred with the Maltese to create the Maltipoo. Like the Maltese, poodles are very affectionate with their owners. The toy version of this breed tends to be very spunky and lively, also much like the Maltese. Additionally, poodles are well-known for their intelligence. Because the general personalities of both breeds are so alike, it may be difficult to distinguish whether your Maltipoo's personality traits stem from his Maltese or poodle genetics.


Although the individual breed characteristics of the Maltese and poodle help shape the overall behavior of the Maltipoo, the puppy's environment is a major factor in his temperament. Numerous environmental factors will affect a puppy's behavior and can stay through adulthood. Lack of socialization can affect how he will behave around other animals. Experiences in the litter also can enhance certain behaviors, such as independence and dependence toward his owners. Puppies that are left alone for long periods during the day might cling to their owners more than a pup who is always around humans.

Pups Will be Pups

Most puppies are fun-loving, spirited bundles of joy. Don't be surprised if your puppy's energy level exceeds your expectations. Encourage your Maltipoo pup to play and be sociable with humans as well as other dogs, but do so carefully and under constant supervision. If your pup does not display an interest in active behavior, be sure to talk to your vet to rule out any health or wellness issues. Mostly, love and care for your Maltipoo puppy as if he is a part of the family because after all, he is!