Benefits of Doggie Day Care

Doggie day care can keep Max out of trouble -- and prevent this from happening.
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A perfect day for your dog consists of you playing and cuddling with him all day long. Unfortunately, to keep your best buddy in the lap of luxury, work is a necessary evil. Doggie day care allows your dog to be entertained while getting all the attention he needs and deserves when you can't be home with him.


A day at doggie day care gives Max the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, which he may not get to do very often on his own turf. Dogs who are socialized in their early years of life have a better chance of being able to interact in a friendly way with fellow dogs. Seek out a doggie day care that groups similar sized dogs. Any reputable day care will also check for up-to-date vaccinations and a clean bill of health. Dog trainer Cesar Milan recommends choosing a doggie day care staffed with people who understand canine social dynamics.

A Watchful Eye

Leaving your curious, energy-filled puppy or dog at home by himself all day may lead to one of two outcomes: he finds a way to get into trouble or he becomes extremely bored. Some people may opt to leave their dogs in a crate all day while they're at work. This is no good for your canine companions! Eight hours in a crate feels like ages to a dog. On the other hand, leaving young dogs free to roam the house all day may lead to trouble, such as getting into things that aren't for dogs to play with. Doggie day care ensures your dog's safety while he's being entertained at the same time.

Intermission, Anyone?

When a dog's gotta go, he's gotta go! Doggie day care attendants will let your buddy outside for potty breaks. Some doggie day care facilities may be designed in such a way that allow dogs to come inside and outside as they please. Ah, freedom! Treats and plenty of water will be given to your dog, although you may need to provide the treats. Medications and meal times can also be given to your dog by informing the day care of your dog's needs.


In your busy life, your weekly work schedule may leave you feeling exhausted when it's time to call it a day and head home. If your dog has been at home all day cooped up in the house, it's unfair not to make sure he gets some exercise -- after all, dogs need their daily exercise from a biological standpoint. A doggie day care can ensure that your dog has ample opportunity to run and play, whether it is with other dogs, outside in dog runs or large fenced in areas that allow your dog to run like the wind.