Bicycle Trailer & Strollers for Dogs

Bicycle trailers and strollers aren't just for babies and kids -- they are great for loved ones of the furry variety as well. Many dogs will appreciate the opportunity to ride in the open air in a stroller or trailer. This gives your dog the opportunity to come along for the bike ride and take in all the sights, smells and sounds while in a state of doggie bliss.

Bicycle Strollers

A bicycle stroller for your dog sits on three wheels with one wheel in the front and two wheels supporting the basket, which is where Max sits while you push the stroller. A bicycle stroller gives your dog the opportunity to relax and enjoy the great outdoors while you get a workout. For dogs who may not be able to run for long distances or who are handicapped, a bicycle stroller is an excellent option for getting them outside without putting stress on their joints.

Dog Trailer

Dogs may not be able to ride a bike with us, but for many dogs, running alongside their owner for an entire bike ride may be a little too much of a workout. Smaller breeds may have trouble keeping up with the pace of the bicycle. There also are safety risks. A leash can get tangled in the spokes of a bike or the dog could accidentally run sideways into the bike. A trailer fits on the back of a bike, allowing your buddy to enjoy the scenery while staying safe.

Benefits of Trailers and Strollers

Dogs who live with various illnesses and disabilities that make it difficult for them to enjoy a daily walk can benefit from a trailer or dog stroller. The quality of a dog's life can be boosted greatly by being able to get outside every day and enjoy the fresh air. If you have a large breed dog, he can fit comfortably in a large trailer. This will give you a great workout. Some dog strollers are designed to hold up to 110 pounds.

Extra Features

Some dog strollers and trailers are designed with all the bells and whistles. Mesh flaps that unzip allow dogs to poke their heads out and get a dose of fresh air. Having the option to zip the flaps is ideal for rainy weather or to protect your dog from bugs. A dog trailer or stroller may be designed with pockets or compartments, which allow for easy storing of treats, leashes, toys and house keys.