How Big Does a Cavachon Get?

The bichon frise weighs around 10 pounds, or close to the same size as a cavachon.
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A cavachon is a designer dog, a hybrid, the result of an intentional cross between a bichon frise and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. These two breeds share a number of similar characteristics, including size, and pass these traits on to their hybrid offspring.

Height and Weight

As a cross between two purebred dogs, your cavachon may take on the physical characteristics of one parent or the other when it comes to size, rather than an average of the two. For example, if the mother weighs 18 pounds and the father weighs 10 pounds, your puppy is likely to be either 18 pounds or 10 pounds, not the average of 14 pounds. Most cavachons are about 12 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh about 10 pounds. Depending on the parents, however, your cavachon may grow larger -- up to 18 pounds and 13 inches tall, which is the upper limit for both the bichon frise and the Cavalier King Charles spaniel.