How Big Are Havanese Dogs?

A clipped Havanese looks much different from his long-haired self.
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Bred for companionship, the Havanese is a little dog with an outgoing disposition. He wants to be with his people, and fortunately for him, his small size makes it easy to take him wherever you go. Though he's a member of the toy group of dogs, he's a sturdy dog.

Small Stature, Big Heart

This busy fellow can be as short as 8.5 inches at the shoulder or as tall as 11.5 inches. He weighs between 7 and 13 pounds, making him easy to whisk away when you hit the road. Make no mistake: if you go anywhere, this little pup will want to go with you. There's little reason to leave him behind because he's a great little dog, affectionate with a good sense of humor. Though he likes activity, he doesn't need too much exercise -- a short walk will do the trick. His coat is probably the highest maintenance item. Left to grow, it can reach between six and eight inches long and be silky or fluffy. If you want him to let it all hang out, be ready to brush him daily. Otherwise, if you keep him trimmed, he'll need a cut every six to eight weeks. The Havanese doesn't have major health issues, but can occasionally develop cataracts or patellar luxation. A healthy Havanese will provide entertaining companionship for about 12 to 15 years.