How Big Is a Miniature Bulldog?

Miniature bulldog's small size and low energy make them ideal apartment pets.
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While there is no such breed as a miniature bulldog sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, you won't have any problem finding breeders who crossbreed runts to produce downsized versions of the bulldog. You also may find dogs marketed as miniature bulldogs who are more than likely crossbred to a smaller breed of dog. Regardless, do your research and consider health concerns before purchasing a miniature bulldog, who likely will weigh in about 10 pounds less than the AKC breed standard for bulldogs and will stand a couple inches shorter than a full-sized bully.

A Little English

While the AKC standard for bulldogs doesn't list height, they typically stand about 12 to 16 inches tall at the shoulder. Males weigh about 50 pounds, according to the AKC; females weigh about 10 pounds less. The purebred bulldog bred to miniature size will be smaller. They may stand only 10 inches tall, topping out at about 14 inches and seldom weigh more than 40 pounds. Their size and weight depends on their lineage.

Designer Bulldogs

Mixes between bulldogs and other small breeds are also sometimes called miniature bulldogs. The most common is a mix of the bulldog with a pug. Offspring usually grow to 12 inches or more at the shoulder and weigh less than 45 pounds, making them close in size to the miniature bulldog. Remember, when you crossbreed, you never know exactly what you'll get until your puppy matures into a dog.

Buyer Beware

Miniature-sized bulldogs are prone to health issues such as breathing difficulties due to a constricted windpipe, eye problems and degenerative joints, to name just a few. With pug-bulldog mixes sold as miniature bulldogs, you will need to consider health issues inherent in pugs as well. Those include trouble regulating body temperature, eyes sockets problems and periodontal disease.