How Big Do Pomeranian & Dachshund Mixes Get?

A pomeranian and dachshund mix is a hybrid or "designer" breed, so it's harder to tell if a puppy will end up with more traits from one breed or the other — including size. This mix is called a "dameranian." According to Designer, dameranians have big ears and long slender bodies, similar to a dachshund. They're short, but their legs are longer than a dachshund's.

To find the size range that your pup should fit into as an adult, look at the average adult sizes of both pomeranians and the dachshunds. Your pup's adult size could fall anywhere within the range, not necessarily the middle. There are a few other tips for predicting size as well.

Ways to Predict Size

When the pup's parents aren't known, there are a few tips and tricks for estimating how big your dameranian pup will be. These will work on any breed. One popular method is to double your pup's weight at 14 weeks old. To predict adult height, experts say that a puppy is 75 percent of its adult height at 6 months of age.

Another way is to look at the puppy's skin. The looser it is, the more room the dog has to grow. Also consider paw size. Chances are if they look huge for its size, it may have a lot of growing to do. However, no estimation method claims to be 100 percent accurate.

Pomeranian Size

Pomeranians may be little, but their build is considered sturdy, not delicate. The average weight of an adult pomeranian ranges from 3 to 7 pounds. They are medium-boned, with a frame that looks well-balanced. The length of a Pomeranian's legs will typically look in proportion to his body length.

Dachshund Size

There are two types of dachshunds: miniature and standard. Miniature dachshunds are 11 pounds or less, while standards range from 16 to 32 pounds. Since this is such a wide range, you may want to consider one of the other methods for predicting the size of your pup unless you know the parents.

Look at The Parents

If you know the size of your dameranian's parents, you may be able to come up with a closer estimate. Whenever puppy parents are different sizes, it's usually the mom who has more influence.