Biggest Type of Beagle

A purebred beagle puppy will grow into a small to medium-size adult.
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A purebred beagle can stand at two different heights at his shoulder. The smaller version of this scent hound stands 13 inches at the withers. The larger size isn't all that much bigger, reaching only 15 inches. If you see what looks like a giant beagle, it may be an American foxhound or a mixed-breed.

Meet the Beagle

The beagle is a cheerful little dog, happy to pass the day following wherever his nose leads him. He's a sturdy fellow, weighing between 20 to 35 pounds, in compact or dense package, easy to cart around in the car with you. The AKC disqualifies beagles taller than 15 inches at the wither; the UK's Kennel Club allows withers as high as 16 inches before fault. Typically, beagles come in some variation of black, white and tan, though you may also see red and fawn-colored beagles.

That Big Beagle's Not a Beagle

Don't feel bad if you've confused the American foxhound with the beagle; the American Kennel Club notes on its website "the Beagle should look like a foxhound in miniature." The foxhound is quite a bit larger than a beagle, standing 21 to 28 inches at his shoulder and weighing 65 to 75 pounds. If you spot one of these guys, take a good look because you don't often see an American foxhound.