Do Black Dogs Get Hotter Than Other Colors?

Black dogs are highly susceptible to overheating in the hot summer sun. Images

The intense heat of the summer months can mean peril for our canine friends. The ability to sweat only moderately through their footpads, along with an inability to voice the onset of heat exhaustion, put pets at risk of overheating. Panting allows a dog to cool itself, but in extreme heat and bright sunlight, all dogs are prone to heat exhaustion, but some dogs are at greater risk.

Too Hot For Comfort

When it comes to the black dog in the hot sun, it's really a matter of science. Light and heat are absorbed by dark colors, as opposed to being reflected away, as with lighter colors. A black dog in the hot sun can become so overheated the fur will be hot to the touch. Despite the insulating barrier the dog's fur creates, and the protection it provides for his body, the black dog is at greater risk if he spends too much time in the intensity of the summer sun.

Keep Your Cool

An adequate water supply is vital for all dogs, regardless of coat color, especially on a hot day. A spray bottle filled with cool water can be used to mist the dog's head, back and abdomen, and will help avoid heat exhaustion. Additional preventive measures, such as keeping your dog in a cool or shaded environment, and never leaving him unattended in a hot vehicle, can keep him safe on the hottest of summer days.