What Does a Black Mouth Cur Look Like?

Black mouth curs might have come from the Tennessee mountains.
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Black mouth curs are a breed of canine that hails from the southeastern portion of the United States, although the specific details of the early history are rather hazy. These working pooches are thought to have gotten their starts either in Mississippi or Tennessee. Black mouth curs were commonly employed for tasks in several different arenas, including hunting and herding. They also frequently offered diligent watchdog duties.


As mid-sized dogs with mostly squarish builds, black mouth curs usually weigh between 55 and 90 pounds when fully mature. Males tend to grow a little bigger than the females. In terms of height, individuals of this breed generally grow to 20 to 25 inches, when measured from the tallest points of their backs.


Black mouth curs have short fur that grows tightly against their robust physiques. Their thick hair appears in numerous different colors, which include pale yellowish-brown, yellow or red. Although a bit less common, some black mouth curs also have brown, black, brownish-orange or light tan coats. Some black mouth curs possess the black facial coloration of their naming, and others don't have it. They also occasionally sport a tiny bit of white fur on the ends of their tails, on their chests and over their toes. The texture of their hair can range from extremely soft to rather rough. Black mouth curs' grooming needs aren't particularly elaborate. For the most part, these dogs just require standard "once in a while" brushing sessions.

Other Key Physical Traits

Other physical traits that are characteristic of this uncommon breed are ears that are circular at the edges, sinewy and longish necks, strapping heads, somewhat long tails, deep brown eyes, wide chests and powerful limbs, both in the front and in the back. Black mouth curs tend to carry their tails low and straight.

Physical Fitness

Since black mouth curs are relatively brawny dogs of moderate size, they perhaps aren't the most suitable pooches for urban lifestyles. Black mouth curs might fare better in a suburban or rural home with a sprawling outdoor environment so they can run around and play freely, but only in secure areas where they can't escape into harm's way. These tough dogs are chock full of stamina and need daily exercise.