How to Breed Black and Fawn Pugs in Multiple Colors

Fawn colored pugs are the most common.
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Pugs are a toy breed of dogs. Their coats can be black, fawn or silver. Silver-coated pugs are extremely rare. Although black pugs possess the dominant color gene, breeding a black and a fawn pug does not guarantee any particular color. In fact, many experts and breeders recommend against the cross-breeding of black and fawn pugs because it can create many unusual colors that are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Step 1

Obtain a black pug and a fawn pug if you want to breed them. The puppies will likely contain a mixture of colors that will not be recognized by the AKC. If you are not interested in show dogs, you can breed the two different color pugs and should not see any ill-effects from the breeding.

Step 2

Schedule a veterinarian appointment so that your pug can be examined to ensure she is in good health and able to breed. The veterinarian should check for parasites and update your pug on her shots at least two weeks prior to breeding.

Step 3

Introduce your male pug to your female pug two or three days after she begins her estrous cycle. The stud can be in the same pen as the female pug for a day or two so that they can pair.

Step 4

Visit your veterinarian shortly after your pug has been bred. Your veterinarian will let you know if your dog is pregnant and will suggest nutritional supplements if necessary.

Step 5

Construct or buy a whelping box for your pregnant pug. Allow plenty of time for your dog to become accustomed to the box. The whelping box should be roomy, about a foot longer than your pug lying on her side, with low sides so that you can reach in easily. Line the box with paper until the puppies are born.

Step 6

Prepare the whelping room for your pug's delivery. Some suggested whelping supplies to gather and keep in the room are scissors, clean towels, paper towels, iodine, unwaxed dental floss and a heating pad. Keep the room quiet, warm and away from other dogs.

Step 7

Look for signs of labor. Your pug's nipples will become enlarged and pink when she is close to labor. She may stop eating and will look for a place to "nest" which will hopefully be the whelping box.


  • There is no way to ensure that the pug puppies will come out a certain color or multiple colors. If you breed a black pug with a fawn pug though, you will likely get some unusual colors and patterns.