What Breeds of Dogs Have Curly Tails Like a Pig?

The pug's curly tail adds to his distinctive, clown-like appearance.
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Curly tails aren’t a feature reserved for pigs. Multiple breeds of dog sport tightly curled tails. Big dogs and little dogs alike rock curly tails, and although this list is not all-encompassing, it highlights a few of the more popular curly-tailed breeds.

Small Curly Tails

The pug is one of the most notable of all small, curly-tailed breeds. Their tails curl completely around itself like a corkscrew, staying curled even when the dog is in full wag mode. Pomeranians have long, fluffy tails that curl up over their back, giving them a distinct, plumed appearance.

Medium Curly Tails

Hailing from the harsh plains of Africa, the Basenji’s tail curls just like a pig’s tail. This distinctive breed is unique in the fact that it yodels rather than barks, like most breeds. The affectionate, aloof Keeshond sports a curly tail as well, although this breed has such a thick coat, the tail seems to disappear in all the fluff.

Large Curly Tails

The tail of the Karelian bear dog, a hunting breed originating in the Karelia region of Europe, often has a white tip that accentuates it curliness. The Akita is one of the largest of the curly-tailed breeds, often standing more than 24 inches tall at the shoulder. The standard for this independent breed is so strict that dogs with uncurled tails can be disqualified from competition.