What Breeds Make the Best Seizure Alert Dogs?

Golden retrievers are popular service dogs.
Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A seizure alert dog is service dog trained to warn his person that a seizure is coming. The dog may paw, whine or bark to alert his person that a seizure is coming. The dog's alert allows the person to prepare for the seizure and make sure he's in a place or position to best prevent a seizure-related injury.

Seizure Dog Breeds

Sharon Hermansen of the Canine Seizure Assist Society of North Carolina studied many dogs from shelters and breeders and determined that some dogs have an innate skill at detecting seizures. Some were mixed-breed dogs, some were purebred dogs. No one dog breed is known to make the best seizure alert dog, but popular seizure dogs include the golden retriever and German shepherd, as well as setter mixes, Samoyed mixes and border collie mixes.