Breeds of Puppies That Are Born White

Westies are born white and stay white.
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Some puppies aren't just soft as cotton, they actually look like cotton, thanks to their snowy coats. And while not all natural-born white pups stay monochrome their entire lives, some breeds start life pearly white and stay that way.


West Highland white terriers, or westies, originally hail from Scotland. Folklore says that white terriers were specifically bred from small groups of light-colored dogs after one unfortunate reddish terrier was mistaken for the fox during a fox hunt. White terriers, it was decided, would be plainly visible. Whatever its origins, the westie of today is an affectionate, lively companion who loves to travel. Know, however, that westies have thick coats that require frequent brushing.


Similar to the westie in appearance, the Maltese has finer bones and softer fur. Also like the westie, the Maltese has a lively spirit and an all-white coat for life. The Maltese's softer fur is also thinner than a westie's, leaving the Maltese susceptible to sunburn wherever the fur parts. Though gentle and playful, an over-indulged or over-pampered Maltese is prone to thinking he's the leader of the family. This can lead to excessive barking, snapping or jealousies around visitors.

English Setter

Though adult English setters usually have light, mottled coats of tan and white, they are nevertheless typically born all white. Good-natured and friendly, English setters generally accept those to whom they are introduced and welcome them to the house. They are, however, excellent watchdogs who will always alert you to visitors by barking. Though quiet when indoors, English setters are athletic dogs who were bred to hunt. Outdoors they love to run and play and require lots of exercise.

Blue or Red Heeler

Australian cattle dogs, a.k.a. heelers, sport dusty red or dusty blue-black coats as adults. They also may have dappled white-and-red or white-and-blue coats. Whatever their adult coats, however, red and blue heelers are born purely white and do not show their true colors for 8 to 12 weeks. Heelers are working dogs who need wide-open spaces and a job, such as herding. They are not built for inside living.


The famous image of the little Dalmatian puppy staring into the horn of an RCA record player, as well as the iconic image of Dalmatian puppies sitting guard at firehouses, may give some people the impression that Dalmatians are born with their trademark spots. They are actually born completely white and develop their black spots later. Bred to run alongside horse-drawn carriages, Dalmatians are extremely energetic and need plenty of exercise. Once trained, they make dedicated companions.