How to Build a Dog Feeder

Large dogs, such as rottweilers, may benefit from elevated dining, especially as they grow older.
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Nothing wakes the peaceful dog as quickly as the sound of the proverbial dinner bell; whether it be the gentle crackle of a food bag or a scoop penetrating the uppermost crust of the kibble. Dining is an exciting time for most canine pals, but food bowls placed on the floor can cause digestion issues for many dogs. Large dogs and elderly dogs may find elevated dining a more enjoyable event.

High-Rise Dining

Step 1

Choose your base. This will be determined by the height of your dog. A vintage box, wooden foot stool, wooden crate, trunk or even a wooden chair is suitable. Pick the base to match your existing decorating style. You can fashion your own base from plywood or wood scraps, but this requires a few extra steps.

Step 2

Measure the inside diameter of your dog's bowl with the measuring tape. Measure across from one side to the other. Divide the total distance by 2. This will give you your center.

Step 3

Using the compass and pencil, draw a circle on your base by placing the point of the compass at the middle of the circle.

Step 4

Drill a hole in the middle of the circle.

Step 5

Using the jigsaw, cut out the circle. Sand any rough edges, even though they will be covered by the dog's bowl.

Step 6

Insert the dog food bowl into the circle, and test your handy work by adding your pal's favorite kibble.


  • Keep tools away from children.

  • Wear protective gear when operating power tools.

  • Use only nontoxic paint if you choose to decorate your feeder.


  • If your favorite vintage chair is too tall, you can trim the legs to the desired height. Add felt to the legs to avoid damage to the floor.

  • Shelf liner is a great idea for covering your dog's feeder. It is easy to apply, and makes for simple cleanup.

Items You Will Need

  • Your dog's food bowl
  • Base of choice
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Sandpaper