How to Build a Slanted Doghouse

Slanted roofs allow rain and snow to run off the doghouse.
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Building a doghouse for your canine companion can be easier than you might imagine. Although premade houses can be purchased, they can be expensive and finding the right size for your pet might be a challenge. By building your own doghouse, you can plan the dimensions to accommodate your dog comfortably.

Building the Slanted Roof Doghouse

Step 1

Determine the size of your doghouse. The finished doghouse needs to be large enough to provide your pet with a comfortable space but also should be small enough to feel cozy. The doghouse's length should be equal to 1 1/2 times your dog's body length. The width should be 3/4 the length of your dog's body. In terms of the house's height, you should make the ceiling about 25 percent higher than your dog's head. Additionally, the front door of the doghouse should be 2 to 3 inches wider than your dog so she can enter the structure easily. The equipment and instructions listed here are designed for an average size doghouse, so you may need to adjust the size based on the needs of your dog.

Step 2

Build a raised floor for the doghouse. To prevent rain and mud from getting into the doghouse and to provide your dog some protection from the cold, the floor of the doghouse should be raised off the ground. Cut down the 10-foot board to create four 6-inch long pieces (legs), two 20 3/4-inch long pieces (front/back), and two 22 7/8-inch long pieces (sides). Nail the legs to the inside edges of the side pieces. Nail the front and back pieces so they are attached to one another. Cut out a piece of the plywood to fit over the completed floor and nail it to the constructed platform.

Step 3

Cut the 8-foot lumber piece into 2-by-2-inch pieces then cut those down into four pieces measuring 12 1/2 inches in length each. These pieces should be nailed vertically into the corners of the platform's sides. Then using the plywood cut the sides measuring 25 7/8-by-16-inches each and the front and back at 22-by-27-inches with top 11 inches slanted. The back and front should be slanted at a 60 degree angle. Cut an opening of 3-by-16-inches in size in the front for the door. Fit these pieces into the frame and nail everything together securely.

Step 4

Cut two roof panels from the plywood, each 21 7/8-by-31-inches. Attach pieces of the 2-by-2-inch wood left over from step 3 onto the tops of the front and back panels. On the front and back panels, the pieces should meet at the apex of the triangle. Nail a 22-inch long piece of 2-by-2-inch board to the top of one of the roof panels and attach the panel to the doghouse by nailing it to the wood frame on the top of the front and back panels. Attach the second roof panel in the same manner.


  • Avoid using pressure treated wood to make your doghouse. The chemicals used on the wood can be toxic to animals.


  • You can add shingles to the roof to make the doghouse look more attractive and to prevent leakage.

Items You Will Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Table saw
  • Hammer
  • 10 feet of 2-by-4-inch lumber
  • 8 feet of 2-by-4-inch lumber
  • Nails
  • Circular saw
  • 1/2 inch sheet of plywood