How to Buy a Boxer Pup

Boxer puppies grow up to be playful and lovable dogs.
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Buying a boxer puppy is the first step in taking on a great responsibility that can bring years of enjoyment and satisfaction to a pet owner. Buying a puppy requires finding reputable breeders in your area and then narrowing down your list to two or three breeders at most. A good breeder must be concerned about the integrity of the breed and can tell you its needs. Choosing a good breeder is the first step to ensure that your boxer puppy will have a lifetime of happiness and health.

Buying Your Boxer Puppy

Step 1

Make a list of reputable breeders in your area. Often, reputable breeders can be found through referral systems. One way to find a reputable breeder is to attend a dog show in your area and ask people about reputable boxer breeders by word of mouth. Other sources of information include American Kennel Club publications, such as the "AKC Gazette." In these publications, reputable breeders advertise by breed. You can also find a reputable breeder by contacting the American Boxer Club and asking for a list of reputable boxer breeders in your area.

Step 2

Call each of the breeders on your list and discuss your plan to buy a boxer puppy. Make sure that a boxer is the right breed for you. A good breeder should be able to tell you about the temperament of the breed and any special needs that a boxer might have. Expect a detailed explanation, and expect to give the breeder information about your own circumstances and prospects as a potential pet owner. Reputable breeders care about the integrity of the breed and will ask you just as many questions ask you ask them.

Step 3

Narrow down the list of reputable breeders to two or three at the most. Visit each of the breeders and explain that you are trying to decide between two or three litters of puppies. Make sure that the breeder operates out of a location that is suitable for the number of dogs he is caring for. Also make sure the premises are clean and orderly and that all of the dogs look healthy and positively respond to people and each other.

Step 4

Choose the breeder and dog that you feel best suits your and your family's needs. Although many people think that male and female dogs have very different temperaments, if this is your first dog, choosing between a male and a female is really a matter of personal preference. Make sure your boxer puppy is playful and active, since a puppy that is too timid might actually be sick. Choosing your boxer puppy is the first step in taking on a tremendous responsibility---one that will bring years of companioniship and enjoyment.

Items You Will Need

  • List of reputable boxer breeders in your area
  • American Kennel Club publications (for example, "AKC Gazette")
  • Short list of reputable breeders (after calling around)