The Best Cakes for Puppies

Cakes for people are unhealthy for puppies.
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Whether you are throwing a party for Fido and want to introduce him to some other pups as part of his early socialization or simply want to give him a tasty treat, bake or buy him a cake specifically created for canines. The best cakes for puppies contain ingredients that are not only tasty, but that encourage their healthy growth and development.


Unlike cakes for people, which contain ingredients such as sugar, salt and unhealthy fats, you only want the best ingredients for your growing pup in any cakes that he eats. Puppies need food that contains between 25 and 30 percent protein, recommends the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Include sources of healthy protein such as lean, cooked chicken, beef, fish, lamb or turkey in your cake recipe to provide your pup with the protein he needs in his diet. You also can include canned puppy food in your cake recipe, which is formulated with the proper balance of protein for your puppy and won't upset his tummy because he's already used to eating it.

Carbohydrates and Fats

When purchasing a cake for pups that's ready-made, you'll likely find such items in specialty pet stores and doggie bakeries. Whether purchasing such cakes or making a cake for your pup yourself, look for recipes that include high-quality carbohydrates and fats. Both of these ingredients provide Fido with sources of energy, which not only keep the little guy going but also support his healthy growth. Whole grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, cornmeal and whole wheat flour provide healthy carbohydrates for your pup and a good dose of fiber as well. Healthy fats such as vegetable and fish oils provide your pooch with omega-3 fatty acids, which keep his coat and skin moisturized and help with his brain and eye development, recommends petMD.

Other Ingredients

Cakes that contain fruits or vegetables are one of the best choices for your puppy because they provide him with vitamins, minerals, water and fiber. Include carrots, green beans, apple slices, banana slices and pieces of sweet potato inside the cake and on top to give it a bit of a garnish. Fruit, along with a bit of blackstrap molasses or honey, gives the cake natural sweetness without added sugar. Frost cakes with cream cheese, canned pumpkin, peanut butter, carob or plain yogurt to make it look like a traditional cake without the added sugar or fat that you would find in traditional cake frosting.


When feeding Fido his cake, give him only a small portion of it daily, because such an indulgence shouldn't comprise more than 5 percent of his diet, recommends the ASPCA. Keep leftover cake fresh by freezing it for up to six months in a resealable bag. Avoid ingredients such as bacon, lard, sausage or gravy in your puppy cake, because they have the potential to cause pancreatitis in pups, warns Modern Dog Magazine. While it may be tempting to share a piece of traditional cake for people with your curious puppy, resist that urge. Human baked goods contain high amounts of fat and sugar and ingredients such as chocolate and xylitol, both of which are toxic to dogs, warns WebMD.