California Naturals Herring & Sweet Potato Dog Food Rating

California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato is considered by many reviewers as a quality dog food.
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With so many dog foods available, choosing a good dog food for your canine companion can feel overwhelming. Professional and consumer reviews can provide valuable information before you buy a dog food. California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato dog food gets good reviews from many sources, so it may be a good choice for your dog.

Dog Food Advisor Rating

Dog Food Advisor is one of the top dog food ratings sites. This objective site provides ratings by a medical doctor, not consumers. Dog Food Advisor rates each brand of dog food based on the quality of ingredients, including the percentages of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the food, and gives an overall rating and recommendation for the food. Dog Food Advisor gives California Naturals Herring & Sweet Potato a 3.5 out of 5 star rating, making it a recommended food.

Dog Food Analysis Rating

Dog Food Analysis has less extensive reviews than Dog Food Advisor, but it does offer a full ingredient listing for each dog food it reviews. If your canine friend has a food allergy or intolerance, Dog Food Analysis can be a very helpful site to peruse before choosing a food. The reviewer on this site recommends California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato food for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. The reviewer also notes that this food does have more grain than many other foods in its class, so keep that in mind if your dog has issues eating grains.

Good Guide Rating

Good Guide is an online rating site that reviews pet foods and many other consumer products. Good Guide includes information not only about product quality, but also about the environmental practices and social policies of the company. California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato scores an 8.4 out of 10 for the quality of the product. However, Natura Pet, which makes the food, scores only a 6.2 on environmental concerns and 6.0 on social policies.

Pet Food Direct Rating

Pet Food Direct is one of the largest online pet food stores. Pet owners are able to rate and write reviews about pet foods on the site. California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato rates 4.5 out of 5 stars, suggesting that it is a quality food that dogs generally like. Several reviews mention that the food helps with skin and digestive issues, which are the concerns that the food is designed to address.