What Do You Call a Pitbull & Bull Mastiff Mix?

The mastiff adds size to the American bandogge.
Juan García Aunión/iStock/Getty Images

Crossing a pit bull with a bull mastiff results in a very large, very strong dog. Although this mix isn't a purebred dog, it does have a name: the American bandogge. Also known as the American bandogge mastiff, this animal should appear "hulking and powerful," according to the United Canine Association. This exceptional guardian isn't recommended for the novice dog owner.

American Bandogge

Male American bandogges mature between 100 and 160 pounds, with females somewhat smaller at 85 pounds and up. Either sex stands at 25 inches tall or higher when full grown. Their short coats require minimal care. Although the American Kennel Club doesn't recognize this dog, some smaller canine registries and American Bandogge associations do. Most colors with some white are acceptable, although all or predominately white dogs are discouraged, according to the the UCA standard. Also sometimes included in the bandogge mix are bulldogs or American Staffordshire terriers. Because this dog is so powerful, it's important to start training him as a puppy. Properly socialized, he can make a good family dog, although by nature he is suspicious of people he doesn't know. You'll also need a high fence -- at least 6 feet -- if you let him run in your backyard. This mix has a high prey drive and might go after smaller animals.