Can I Bring My Dog Across the Canadian Border for Vacation?

Canada welcomes canine visitors.
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Before traveling to another country with your pet, the U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs recommends contacting destination countries' embassies for specific requisites. Several countries maintain strict health requirements and prohibitions.

Vaccination Record

An up-to-date vaccination record--in either French or English--must accompany any dog over three months traveling into Canada. The documentation must bear a veterinarian's signature and include a date within 10 days of arrival to Canada, as well as the animal's breed, sex, age, color and markings. For travel purposes, tags on the dog's collar are not an acceptable substitute for vaccination records. Canada does not require a quarantine period, however, as of 2010, there is a $30 inspection fee per dog upon arrival.

Rabies Vaccination Certificate

A valid rabies vaccination certificate--in either French or English--must accompany the dog. This certificate should indicate the animal's breed, sex, age, color and markings, as well as the rabies vaccination trade name, serial number and administering veterinarian's name.


Dogs under the age of 3 months old from the United States do not need a vaccination record or rabies certificate to enter Canada. Service dogs and guide dogs from any country also do not require documentation if in good health upon arrival.