Can Children's Toothpaste Be Used for Puppies?

Take your pup in for routine vet visits, including tooth examinations.
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Dogs are similar to human beings in many ways, from needing plenty of sleep each night to requiring regular physical exercise, and so forth. Like people, the furry creatures also need to maintain their dental health, starting from their days as wee puppies all throughout the rest of their lives.

Beginning Early

Start brushing your pet's teeth early to get him used to the idea quickly. Many dental disorders are much more prevalent in mature dogs, but it's always smart to get a head start on things, and perhaps even prevent later oral ailments, whether gum disease, decaying, periodontal disease or simply unpleasant breath.

Toothpaste for Children = No

Toothpaste made for children is in no way safe or appropriate for puppies -- or for any canines, for that matter. Never put any toothpaste designed for humans, whether adults or kids, inside your pet's mouth. Toothpaste made for people isn't edible. Dogs aren't aware that they need to spit out their toothpaste post-brushing, so some swallowing is inevitable. Because of this, human toothpaste can be a serious hazard to your canine friends. Avoid it no matter what. Fluoride is also a major no-no for dogs and can trigger digestive upset and perhaps even bigger health woes.

Puppy Toothpaste

In finding a suitable toothpaste for your tiny pup, a pet supplies store is the way to go. Many canine toothpastes are available on the market, and a lot of them are specifically created for puppy use. These toothpastes appear in a variety of canine-friendly flavor options -- think poultry and beef. Although those toothpaste flavors might seem unappetizing to people, they are enticing to many doggies. If you're ever uncertain regarding which type of puppy toothpaste to select for your cutie, talk to your veterinarian before making your choice.

Puppy Toothbrush

Not only is it important to purchase special toothpaste made for puppies, it also is important to get special canine toothbrushes, too. Never use human toothbrushes for puppies or dogs. They are simply too large for the little guys' mouths.

Dental Health

Always make a point to glance inside your pet's mouth to check for any signs of dental problems, whether he's a little puppy or a wise senior pooch. Some typical signs of canine dental woes are disagreeable breath, teeth that are seemingly about to fall out of the mouth, inordinate salivation and swelling of the gums. If you see any problems or irregularities, take your precious pet to the vet immediately.