Can Coffee Grinds Be Bad for Dogs if They Eat Them?

A trip to your veterinarian is essential if your dog consumes coffee grinds.
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Certain human foods contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs, and among them are coffee grinds. Depending on how much your dog consumes, his health may be at serious risk. Dogs who accidentally consume coffee grinds experience illness and sometimes death if not treated by a veterinarian.

Harmful Ingredients

Coffee grinds contain two ingredients that are toxic to dogs: caffeine and methylxanthines. Caffeine and methylxanthines are both found in coffee plants, more specifically in the seeds and leaves. When ingested by dogs, these ingredients cause harmful side effects within one to two hours.

Signs of Illness

A dog who ingests coffee grinds will experience signs of illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, increased urination, elevated heart rate, abnormal heart rhythms, increased body temperature, seizures and possibly death if left untreated. These signs of illness require the immediate attention of a veterinarian.



If your dog consumes coffee grinds, his veterinarian will treat him by giving him lots of fluids, inducing vomiting and giving him activated charcoal to absorb the toxins. Your veterinarian may also give medications to your dog to slow his heart rate and soothe his upset stomach.