How Can I Control Static Cling on a Dog's Hair?

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When static electricity builds up on your pooch, two things tend to happen: you two get shocked if you touch one another, and dust, dirt, grass and other small debris cling to him like he's made of glue. Moisture is the solution to this sticky problem.


Humidity has a direct effect on static electricity. The more humid the air the less static electricity. When humidity drops, as it does during winter, static electricity tends to cling to your dog, making him quite the shocking canine and debris-attracting canine. Remedy the problem by increasing the humidity in your home, with the use of a humidifier. If you'd rather not pony up the cash for one, bathe your pup with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner so his coat and skin aren't so dry, or douse him with a doggy-safe spray moisturizer.

Things to Avoid

Dryer sheets and static-eliminating sprays may reduce static buildup on your belongings, but they're not safe to use on your canine. Sprays in general aren't safe unless they're specifically made for dogs, and many dryer sheets contain catatonic detergents. Those detergents, the Merck Veterinary Manual points out, can cause corrosive tissue injuries.


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