Can a Dog Chew Nylon Rope?

Don't leave your pooch alone with ropes of any kind.
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Undoubtedly a dog can chew a nylon rope, and that's a good reason not to give him one to play with. Dogs need to chew to keep their teeth healthy and aid digestion, but chewy toys made of plastic, nylon and other synthetic materials pose a problem for your pet, whereas natural products pass through the dog's system without harm.

Nylon Ropes and Rope Toys

Keep nylon ropes for household or sports activities away from dogs; this includes plastic twine. When a dog chews a nylon rope, there is a good chance that his teeth will shred the rope strands and he'll swallow the hard fibers. These can block his gastrointestinal tract. Some chewy toy ropes for pups do have a plastic fiber component, and these are safe because the plastic is soft. However, you should still never leave your pup on his own with a rope toy. Rope toys of any material are not a good idea for dogs who are aggressive chewers because of the potential for swallowing chunks of rope.