Can a Dog Gate Help With Training?

A dog gate clearly defines boundaries for your pet.
Fox Photos/Valueline/Getty Images

Basic obedience training benefits both you and your dog. It lets him know what the rules are and gives him an understanding of some simple commands that make life more pleasant for both of you. When you need to keep your pet safe and out of trouble, a dog gate can help you train him by limiting his access to restricted areas and items in your home. A gate is especially beneficial in stopping him from chewing your good shoes, electrical cords and other items in your home.


Use a dog gate to confine your dog to a single area of your home where he can stay when you can’t be there to supervise him. Make the area as safe as possible by removing potential hazards such as electrical cords and fragile items. Give him plenty of toys to keep him busy while he’s confined; a solid rubber toy stuffed with food is a good way to keep him occupied. Confining him with a dog gate takes away the opportunity for your dog to be destructive and helps to teach him what you want by providing him with nothing but acceptable alternatives.