Can Dogs Have Blueberry Pancakes?

Share some blueberry pancakes with your pooch, without butter and syrup.
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Your canine pal begs for a warm stack of blueberry pancakes every time you whip up a batch, and it's tough to say no. After all, if griddle cakes studded with blue fruit are among your favorites, they're sure to top your dog's list, too. Blueberries don't pose a threat to your dog's health. If you do it right, there's no reason not to share breakfast with your dog once in awhile.

Blueberries are Good for Your Pooch

You might already know that blueberries are a super food full of antioxidants and beneficial vitamins and minerals. Blueberries are champs at defeating free radicals and they're proficient at keeping cataracts, heart disease and ulcers at bay. Blueberries are good for the brain, as well, so eat up and don't hesitate to let your dog have her share, too.

Don't Overfeed

If you plan on allowing your pup to partake of blueberry pancakes for breakfast, don't treat them like an extra. Whatever she eats for her morning meal should be counted against her total food intake for the day. That means feeding her only one pancake or just part of one if she's a little dog instead of letting her eat till she's full. That way she'll get to share breakfast with you and won't have to forego dinner because of the morning carb-a-palooza.

Skip the Extras

Keeping your dog fit and healthy means not feeding her a lot of sugary or high-fat treats. While a small serving of blueberry pancakes themselves might not be unhealthy for your dog, slathering them in butter and drenching them with maple syrup is. Skip the go-alongs when you serve your pooch blueberry pancakes. She'll be so busy enjoying the treat she won't even notice the flavorings are missing.

Eggs and Cakes for a Balanced Meal

Consider poaching an egg to serve your dog with her blueberry pancakes. It will balance out her morning meal with a source of protein and it's a better option than a few strips of bacon, which can be too salty and higher in fat than is healthy for her.

Blueberries Aren't Just for Breakfast

If you enjoy making blueberry pancakes for your pooch, consider extending your culinary aspirations to other blueberry treats for her. It's an effective way to provide her with the nutritional benefits of the healthy blue fruit . Try adding 1/4 to 1/2 cup of fresh or dried blueberries to oatmeal dog biscuits for a yummy fiber-filled snack -- you'll have your dog paws-itively begging for more.