Can Dogs Have Cabbage?

Breathe easy -- cabbage is safe for canines. Images

If your precious pooch always has a longing look in his deep eyes as he watches you dine on cabbage at dinnertime, don't automatically rule the stuff out as an extremely occasional canine treat. Cabbage is 100 percent harmless for dogs. Your hungry pet is in luck.

Cabbage for Dogs

Not only is cabbage safe for dogs, it offers nutritional benefits to your furry friends, according to Viva Pets. Although dogs are natural meat eaters, consumption of greens such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, kale and celery offers valuable vitamin content for them. Never make the presumption that canines don't have any need for vegetables.

Tummy Woes

Although cabbage is canine-friendly, be aware that the veggie may induce excess gas in some dogs, with uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms such as belly ache, watery stool and flatulence -- no, thank you. Because of this possibility, allow your pet to eat only a very minimal amount of cabbage -- one tiny bite, for starters. If you observe any signs of gas, call a moratorium on cabbage and head for the hills. Other vegetables that may trigger gas in your dog are broccoli, kale, cauliflower and asparagus. Be careful not only for your pooch but for the sake of your nose, too.

Health Benefits

Apart from giving your cutie a jolt of beneficial vitamins, cabbage supplies other health advantages. According to the Partnership for Animal Welfare organization, cabbage is useful for keeping both your pet's skin and gastrointestinal system in good working order.

Harmful Vegetables and Fruits

Although cabbage is OK for your dog to eat once in a while, in no way are all vegetables and fruits safe. In fact, some vegetables and fruits that are completely harmless to human beings are a major hazard to dogs. These risky vegetables include onions and garlic, avocados and grapes. Keep all of these far from your doggie's mouth. Never offer your pet any type of food made for people unless you get the approval of your veterinarian beforehand -- a food that might not harm him could be too fibrous, causing bowel irregularity.